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The world of technology moves really fast. Each generation sees an ever increasing rate of change, which is quite relentless. It’s quite frightening for some people, but not for me I love it and can’t wait for the next iteration of technology – bring it on.

The previous generation saw the age of the color television, the Walkman. We’re in the age of the smart phone. Tomorrow is the age of the driverless car – it’s coming.

I think driverless cars are just the beginning, driverless trucks will follow as well driverless taxis. That will be followed by driverless trains and driverless drone aero planes. Sounds frightening and it is a bit, but all very exciting at the same time. And I just know it’ll be much better, much safer to place to be.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me say hi to you and I hope you find what I post here interesting enough to come back to. I’ll be adding more stuff like this and hopefully it gets a reaction.

See you soon.

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