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I was on a farm last week attending a conference. It was an out of town venue with great facilities. Delegates were ferried on smart coaches from the hotel and the journey took about 12 minutes. So not too far.

I attend a lot of conferences as I work in sanitation and I get to see a lot of venues and hotels.

One of the things that impressed me with this hotel was their water system. It pumped water to each room, like any hotel but what stood out and something they publicized was that the water they delivered to each room was soft.

basin and central tapsoft water system

I’ve come across devices that convert hard water into soft water but more in a domestic setting, as you can see on the here This was the first time I’ve come across this in a hotel.
And sure enough the water felt different. I decided to take a bath after a long day at the conference and you instantly notice how pleasent the water is it just feels nice to be in. The towels are nice and soft too and stay that way (I sppke to the hotel manager, who told me so)



drops of waterhome water softener

I spoke with Ken, the hotel manger, at length and he showed me the water softening system. Which is just a bigger than the versions that are installed in a domestic setting.

My suitcase was also getting quite tatty. So I had to bite the bullet and replace it. That old suitcase is like an old friend, we’ve seen a lot of places together.

I eventually bought a 3 piece luggage set from 3 piece luggage sets who had a good selection. What I like is the fact that I get three suitcases. I only use the third case on the return leg of my journey and put all the soiled clothes into it, ready for washing when I get home.

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