Top Robot Vacuum Cleaners Today

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The Future

We’ve seen the future of vacuum cleaning and it’s automatic. Robot vacuum cleaners are the next big thing. If they can create driverless cars then robot vacs should be easy, right?

Well it turns out to be a tricky problem full of design constraints. For example you want a vacuum cleaner that can suck up as much dust and dirt as possible. Bigger units require more power which means bigger, bulkier batteries. Which means a bigger unit which is just not as versatile at getting around. So a lot of trade offs have to be made at the design stage.

But the good news is that technology doesn’t stand still and both miniaturization and artificial intelligence get better at an exponential rate.

Must Have Features

Let’s start with what we want from an automatic vacuuming device.

  1. Well it has to clean efficiently and clean the whole surface.
  2. It must not get stuck or confused
  3. It must vacuum when we’re not around
  4. It should know when it’s power is low and find it’s charging station.

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The Verdict

I’m pleased to report that today’s models meet all the above criteria. The only issue is the price. The better models, the ones that do the above tend to be the more expensive. But that’s the same with most products, better quality normally means higher price.

You can see some of the better models here top robot vacuum cleaner

If you decide to invest you have to help the device to help you. By that we mean keep the area to be vacuumed clear of obstacles. The clearer the area the better the results.

You have to leave doors open so that the robot vacuum cleaner can visit every room. Changes in level, hard floor to rug, present no problem for today’s robots but do be wary of any turned up corners on a rug as these can pose a challenge.

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