The Humble Suitcase

The Hidden Suitcases

Set of Three SuitcasesThe humble suitcase is not given much thought, unless we’re buying one. That’s when we take notice, check it out, compare it to others and compare it to our old model.

In this article we’re going to show you what you should be looking for if you’re in the market for a new suitcase. We’re specifically looking at suitcases here, not kit bags, duffel bags or rucksacks. These all have their uses but we prefer the suitcase as it offers greater protection for it’s contents and clothes placed inside them tend not to crease as much.

There are many styles of suitcase and you’ll find a good selection of three piece suitcases here Great Three Piece Luggage Sets Three piece suitcases have the added advantage when it’s time store your suitcases, as one case fits sites inside the other. So you have three cases of different sizes but only one case to store between trips.


Choose Wisely

Given the sometimes bewildering array of choices for suitcases. All trying to get you to part with your cash, what should you be looking out for?

Case LockNumber one on our list is SECURITY. Your suitcase case is out of sight for most of your journey, busy airports and stations are notorious for thefts. A good solid mechanism is essential. And if you choose a zipper, then make sure it’s robust and can’t be forced apart.

Number two pin our list are the casters or wheels, as they aid maneuverability. When they fail or stick, you have a case that’s now a burden to move around. So invest in a good set of wheels. This will repay you in the long run although you’ll probably only notice them when they fail.

Third on our list is the case material itself. We would recommend the solid plastic types, which are made from industrial grade plastic and see very tough and retain their shape. A bit heavier than a fabric type case but this compromise offers more security.

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