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If, like me, you like tea? Then you should invest in one of these http://variabletemperaturekettles.com/ These are electric kettle with temperature control and I’ll tell you why they’re an absolute must, if you like the perfect cup of tea.

What they do is to allow to to set the temperature that the water in the kettle will reach. Then they stop. You use some of the water to heat the vessel (which is a cup or a pot). Then you add your tea leaves or tea bag and pour the water, now at the perfect temperature, into the vessel.

Now these kettles have an additional feature, they will keep the water at the temperature you set, for a few minutes. 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the model. So you can warm the pot without worrying about the water in the kettle losing precious heat.

By not boiling water, every time you want a hot drink, you’ll save money too. Not boiling water and not going those last few degrees, adds up over the year on your energy bill. So that’s a cost saving

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But the main benefit is the tea and you’ll notice the difference in the taste. There’s so much more flavor and delicate aromas when you don’t add boiling water.

Green teas, white teas, black teas, all have medicinal properties and health benefits. But you won’t get any any these when you use boiling water. The water needs just to be hot enough to extract the flavors from the tea leaves. Boiling water destroys those delicate compounds in the tea and render it as just a hot liquid.

There is a plethora of herbal teas and fruit teas and these also benefit from hot rather than boiling water. The great thing with these variable temperature kettles is that you can experiment, try different temperatures and find out which works best for you.

It’s not just tea, coffee, the instant kind, benefits by using very hot water but not boiling water.

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