Best Light Tent for Still Life

Light Tents for Photographers

light tent - booksA lot of my photography involves still life. I register a lot of my images with online galleries and get commissions when the images are used. So my photography is both a hobby and s source of income.

I recently invested in s good quality light tent from best selling light tent today I use my own lighting but I needed something bigger than the light bird l box I currently had which was an 18 inch cube.

Big is Beautiful

light tent - fruitI went for a 26 inch cube with white translucent sides. The size is a bit awkward to move around but I have mine permanently mounted in my make shift studio. Because it’s big I use between three or four miniature spots depending on the size of the object I’m shooting and the amount off light I need.

People, I know, often ask why use a light tent? Why go to so much trouble? My answer is that I’m in control of the final image. This is important when you’re selling your images and you’ve got competition, your images needed to be top quality.

But it also helps if you’re selling something on eBay. Remember people buy with their eyes. And an image is worth a thousand words – right?

The Main Benefits

light tent - blossomThe main benefit for using a light tent are two fold. The first is you control the lighting. Most of the time we want an even lighting that’s soft and even.

The second reason is to control reflections especially on high gloss surfaces. These surfaces pick up all sorts of reflections and most of the time they work against you. A light tent removes those reflections giving a nice true image.

If your serious about the images you take even if you use a cell phone for your images, then I recommend a light tent because your images well look so good.

Images with a light tent 10 out of 10. Images without a light tent 5 out of ten (if you’re lucky).

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