best 8 person tent available today

Large TentBargain 8 Person Tent

There’s never been a better time to buy a tent for eight people. By buying in the fall, from places like You’ll get a great out of season tent for rock bottom prices and there’s some good bargains to be had.

Why a big tent makes sense

So what if I only have a small party or a small family. Well families grow and a larger and parties can increase in size without you having to change your tent to the next size up.

Also just like a house, having more room than you need is never a bad thing. And of course, just like a house, it fills up.

Bigger tents means that you can stand up in the middle sections and a tent of that size can be divided into rooms. A useful feature that allows some privacy in the great outdoors.

An eight person tent will also allow you to store your belongings without them getting in the way and having to step over things lying over the floor.

tent and camping knifeThings to look for in a tent

Try to get a tent with a covered porch. A porch is great to have as it acts as a barrier to the outside. Your party can divest themselves of any wet and soiled clothing or footwear. You can seal the porch from the main tent allowing them to dry out.

Inside tent looking outGet familiar with any new tent

Before you take your camping vacation you should carry out a dry run first. Erect the tent and then take it down. Do this several times and you’ll become comfortable with all the features and the order in which things should be carried out.

There’s nothing worse than arriving at a camping site and struggling to put a tent up. Embarrassing as other, experienced campers look on. And sometimes it’s raining or the sun’s going down. Which makes putting up a tent, in record time, a herculean task for novice campers.

How to Pitch a tunnel tent

Just remember that packing a tent away can sometimes be more challenging than putting it up. Most tents will have a bag that the tent fits neatly into but it has to be folded in a certain way.

How pack away your tent

Follow these simple steps and a camping vacation will be great and very relaxing holiday.

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